Jesus Christ (c. 0-33 AD) – Owner (reports directly to God)

Born in a barn in or near Bethlehem, Judea, He was raised by working class parents in Nazareth after a brief stay in Egypt. He was educated in the synagogue, and worked in skilled trades as a young man.

Although He was not known for his good looks, He amazed the local religious leaders with his knowledge and teaching. He further amazed the general populace with His ability to control nature, heal the sick and raise the dead. He offered Himself in payment of the penalty for our sins against God worthy of death.

Although resisting temptation and living a perfect life, He was executed like a common criminal outside of Jerusalem by the Roman occupation forces. He now rules in Heaven as High Priest, King, and Intercessor for those who are willing to acknowledge their sin, repent, be baptized for remission of their sins, and become committed to his cause of redemption and reconciliation to God. Those who accede to his rule are known as Christians. He is our leader and we are his servants.


  • John Meadows
  • Wilson Sublett


  • Joel Barnett
  • Jim Hart
  • Chuck Stimbu
  • Ronnie Yokeley


  • Perry Hall

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